Ring King

A ring is not an elementary  accessory. It’s your message to the world about your commitment, beliefs, stature, achievements and personality. My rings say something about me, I’m a young man and I wear rings on my pinky finger and Index finger. There is a strong relation between how you wear your rings and where you wear your rings with your personality.IMG_5376

As a refined gent, you should know that people pay attention to your rings just as much as your outfit .The message you are funneling through this particular accessory has to be clear and hard to misinterpret. Rings identify your association with something(s) or someone. Here are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before purchasing a ring, what’s the occasion? A wedding? Class reunion? Who am I representing? A fraternity/Team? Family/Friendship? Why am I wearing the ring(s)? A fashion statement? A protest? All rings send a subliminal or direct message to the world consequently important to pay attention to your choice of this accessory.image6-300x300

I wear my rings to balance my  necklace, watch, bracelet, earing and my other jewelry. I find a crowd of rings classless and distracting. There is elegance in simplicity. When I wear my watch on the right hand, I wear my Pinky ring and bracelet on my left hand. And If i wear my watch and on my left hand, I wear my ring on my Index finger my right hand and a bracelet. The key is balance. Stacking rings on one hand and lack of on the other, exhibits lack on proper grooming and little jewelry knowledge. My hands are fairly big so my size preference is big rings. If I had small-sized hands, I would lean towards smaller sized rings to maintain proportion.IMG_5380

The choice between silver and gold is debatable, some gents  argue that is depends on the price of the metal or the outfit you are wearing . While others state it depends on the size and weight of the precious stone and your confidence level. I believe your complexion should be your compass in picking the perfect metal for your hands. I have a deep complexion, Gold is my ideal choice. it stands out and commands attention to my hands. I would recommend silver to gents who have a generally light-colored complexion , it’s not overbearing and would compliment the cool tone.IMG_5378

The clarity of both Gold and Silver, the size of the metal, indicate superior quality and often suggest whoever is wearing the gem exhibits power and financial immutability. Remember, the goal is to wear your ring as a compliment to your overall outfit and not the actual focal point. Your ring  preference should match your watch strap, your necklace and your belt buckle. Until recently I seldom wore my jewelry in a uniform fashion but as I expanded my knowledge on precious metals and their symbolism, matching jewelry became salient.

I hope this installment guides you through your ring selection process. Stay dapper friends.




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