Beguiling Bifocals.

My eyes are generally bloodshot from lack of sleep and frequent late night schedules to meet deadlines. I wear sunglasses because I need to look healthy and well put together  and less because I think I will look like a rock star.0aae231293f96c58337620373caca124--black-male-models-black-white-fashionEye wear shopping has evolved over the years, it’s more than protecting your eyes from the blinding sun. Knowing what styles are classic, trending and how they complement your face are important factors that cannot be overlooked when determining perfect bifocals for you. Frames are undeniably a good lure but good lenses should be a worthy investment as well. Polarized lenses are my go-to whether I’m wearing 1930’s Aviators, retro round frames or futuristic D-frame sunglasses.b9083cb947f3a2a604022d88af378363--african-style-african-fashion

Here’s a handy chart to help  you  gauge what frames will look best on you. Stay dapper my friends. 21150194_338848929886582_97926369432171033_n




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